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LashBack bridges the gap between your email policy and your email reality. Founded in 2003 by marketers who were trying to make email more safe and effective, LashBack has grown to become the global authority on email compliance and intelligence.

Before the commercial email laws of 2003 became a reality, the founders of LashBack were inventing new information technologies which would allow online direct marketers to gain greater visibility and control in the email channel. It would be a way for consumers and marketers to communicate in a way that was more beneficial for everyone involved. It would also allow for a lot more profit.

Using a patented technical process called CertifiedUnsubscribe®, LashBack scans millions of commercial messages every week. These messages are consumer unsubscribe requests which contain the original messages sent from businesses to prospects. We audit the email, track the compliance reputation of the senders and learn about who is sending what to whom. We see where the messages originate, where they go, when they bounce and when they arrive. We see when consumers try to unsubscribe, when it is successful and when their requests are honored. We know when the law is being broken and we know who is breaking it.

We have the data that protects consumers while enabling marketers to monitor and resolve issues that affect consumer security. By working closely with industry leaders and government organizations, we increase consumer safety and ensure the successful future of email marketing.

LashBack is the first and only complete email marketing compliance monitor and resolution service. If you want email to work for you, making sure that you and the companies you partner with are compliant with the law and your company’s best practices, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re the only company in the world who can help you accomplish it.

See the email you’re responsible for and control it.

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