We’ve used LashBack’s products for years. They are a key contributor to our Brand Protection and Compliance program.  Whenever something unusual arises, their support team always goes “above and beyond” to help us investigate and resolve the issue quickly. Their knowledge of the industry is impressive.

~ Sal Tripi, AVP Digital Operations and Compliance


We really appreciate how proactive the LashBack team is in terms of identifying issues, bringing them to our attention and helping us fix the problem. Their level of customer services goes beyond what is asked or required. They look out for us and help to protect our interests and those of our clients.

~ Peter Klein, Senior Vice President

As a Compliance officer, a principle concern is holding our publishers accountable. LashBack’s ComplianceMonitor provides the transparency we need to ensure our advertisers receive the appropriate traffic, and forms a core component of our campaign strategy. The LashBack team provides expert support by going above and beyond to help us investigate and resolve any issues that arise. Anyone that is serious about online marketing should use this service.

~ Matt Maddox, Senior Compliance Manager


We take our legal obligations and corporate policies very seriously, and ComplianceMonitor helps to ensure that our standards are being monitored and enforced by our advertising partners. ComplianceMonitor is an absolutely critical part of our email programs and we would recommend it to anyone that is focused on compliance and best practices.

~ PREMIER Bankcard


LashBack products provide comprehensive monitoring and ultimate control over our commercial email campaigns. By proactively identifying violations, we have been able to both minimize our risks and save money we would otherwise have spent for non-compliant traffic.
~Digital Target Marketing





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