Leveraging BrandAlert Just Got Easier

As you are hopefully aware, LashBack’s BrandAlert service provides access to more than 200 million B2C email messages. Our clients use BrandAlert for a variety of purposes ranging from compliance to competitive intelligence, and can search our database using an almost infinite set of criteria. While the search functionality remains unchanged, we have recently added a set of shortcuts to facilitate some of the most common and powerful use cases:

• “Evaluate a Network”
• “Evaluate a Publisher”
• “Evaluate a Vertical”
• “Evaluate a Competitor”
• “Evaluate an Offer”
• “Evaluate a Brand”
• “Evaluate My Messages”

These shortcuts are easy to find, easy to use, and help our clients to realize maximum value from the service. We have received great feedback on these and, as always, welcome ideas that can enhance your LashBack experience.

If you have any questions about these shortcuts or BrandAlert in general, please contact your Client Service Manager or our sales team (sales@lashback.com).

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