New CAN-SPAM Enforcement Action, June 2016

The FTC recently announced an enforcement action against a Florida-based affiliate network for the use of misleading email.

In June, the FTC filed a complaint against Tacht and Teqqi, Florida-based marketers of weight-loss products including Original Pure Forskolin, Original White Kidney Bean and Mango Boost Cleanse.  “Since at least 2014, Defendants also have sent, or have hired affiliate marketers who have sent, unsolicited commercial electronic mail messages to consumers that appear to have been sent by consumers’ friends, family members, or other contacts.  These messages are in fact paid advertisements promoting Defendants’ Weight-Loss Products and contain links that lead consumers to Defendants’ websites.”  The suit cites multiple violations of the CAN-SPAM Act including misleading header and subject information, as well as opt-out and postal issues.  The FTC is seeking a permanent injunction and financial relief for the impacted consumers.  A copy of the suit can be accessed here:

It is yet another reminder of the importance of strong practices in email and the significant consequences for all parties involved in using email that is deceptive.  For more information about the services provided by LashBack, please go to or contact Adam Schimsa, Business Development Manager, at

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