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LashBack is a leading provider of compliance services, brand protection and competitive intelligence to digital marketers. Discover how the following SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions can impact your business.

ComplianceMonitor is LashBack’s signature offering, which monitors all of the points of CAN-SPAM compliance governing digital advertisers and their partners. Expanded functionality for creative checks ensures that their content matches yours, and adheres to your internal best practices.

Ensure that your partners are sending what you’ve authorized them to send with BrandAlert, the world’s only massive searchable online database of commercial email. Search by keywords, domains or redirects. Get notifications when new messages match your queries. Search and locate messages from your competition. Track cases and see what you never have been able to see before.

ListMonitor allows you to share your email data with partners for outbound marketing initiatives. By seeding your lists with trackable email addresses, you can be certain that your partners use that data exactly as specified.

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You are responsible for email you can’t see. As an online advertiser, you already know that email marketing through agencies, networks and publishers is cheap, scalable and often very effective at bringing potential customers to your door. However, there are dangers inherent in hiring others to promote your offers. Read More...
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