What does BrandAlert provide?

The ability to search LashBack’s database of messages to answer brand and competitive intelligence questions, such as:

  • Where does your brand appear in email?
  • Is anyone misusing your brand?
  • What are your competitors mailing in terms of creatives and offers?
  • What are your partners mailing for others?
  • Who are your competitors working with?
  • Who is getting to the inbox?
  • Do I have the right partners?
  • What is being mailed in your industry?
  • Are your partners using misleading, inappropriate or non-compliant messages with others?
  • What are the co-branding or partnership opportunities that are others leveraging?

Advertisers send billions of commercial emails to consumers every day – a veritable sea of information, just waiting to be harnessed into an actionable data stream. With BrandAlert, the first fully-searchable commercial email archive, LashBack collects and catalogs messaging from more than 7 million email-sending IPs, allowing you to:

  • Search email content for keywords, phrases, domains, and partial URL’s
  • Search by IP address, country of origin, and inbox deliverability
  • View the entire email as it appears in a consumer’s mailbox, including message headers, redirect links, and the source code
  • Easily create, save, or export search results for later use and easy sharing
  • Receive notifications of new messages that match your search criteria
  • Create tag clouds, make notes, and research message senders

BrandAlert records hyperlinks, redirects, and landing page URLs in email messages. You can follow links to their destination and view historical traffic paths from the time the message was processed.

LashBack’s clients use BrandAlert for:

QUALITY CONTROL — View your sent messages and confirm adherence to your content, creative, and functional standards.

COMPLIANCE ENFORCEMENT – Ensure that your messages were compliant, both legally and in accordance with your company’s best practices.

MARKET RESEARCH – Analyze the actual email messages sent by your competition, view their landing pages and learn more about their sending partners.

PROACTIVE MONITORING — Address inconsistencies before they become problems through instant notification when a new message matches your saved searches.

EVALUATE A PUBLISHER – Check on a prospective publisher and the email they have sent in the past to make their their standards match your own.

INDUSTRY VERTICAL RESEARCH – Identify other offers and advertisers you could be mailing.

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