Email marketing remains the most cost-effective channel available to advertisers, and is leveraged by businesses of all sizes as both a customer acquisition and retention tool. Whether you’re new to email marketing or a savvy veteran, compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 should be the foundation of any campaign.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, businesses are responsible for their own advertising and for the actions of any third-party partners. As an advertiser, you are ultimately liable when your partners – including their affiliates and sub-contractors – violate the law in your name.

But if you can’t see everything, how can you control it?

Enforce Compliance

LashBack’s ComplianceMonitor captures a data stream of the content distributed by you and your partners. We then verify that feed against your stated legal requirements, corporate policies and best practices. By increasing compliance through visibility and control, our clients maximize ROI through improved risk management and brand protection in the digital space. Ignorance hurts; LashBack makes it easy to see beneath the surface.

ComplianceMonitor checks for:

  • Missing or broken unsubscribe links.
  • Missing or inaccurate postal addresses.
  • Deceptive/misleading/unapproved subject lines, from lines, and campaign creatives.
  • Forged email headers.
  • Privately registered sending domains.
  • Over 40 unique Rule variations available.

BE COMPLIANT – Establish rules and guidelines for your email marketing and be alerted any time LashBack sees an email that doesn’t meet your specifications. From the subject line to the unsubscribe address, we’ll keep you aware of what your partners are doing and highlight any possible violations.

GET EXPERT HELP – LashBack clients enjoy access to a dedicated Client Service Manager (CSM) for help in locating, identifying and correcting issues. Plus, our CSM team combines world-class technical support with actionable marketing insights.

BE IN CONTROL – Simply tell us the rules that your email has to follow, and we collaborate with you to handle the rest. ComplianceMonitor empowers you with a turnkey solution for messaging oversight and enforcement. LashBack’s suite of powerful tools and expert staff is the one-stop solution to proactively monitor your marketing campaigns and protect your brand.

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