Data drives your business. Whether you sell it, manage it, lease it or simply share it with vendors or third parties, it is critical to know how it is being used. Are partners following contract terms for sending? Are they leaving you open to costly lawsuits? LashBack’s ListMonitor can give you the answers you need to find out. Keep your employees, clients, vendors and partners accountable. Monitor and verify your data’s usage.

  • Automate: Relieve the pain of list seeding
  • Monitor Quality: Protect email reputation and reduce liability
  • Research and Investigate: Take the mystery out of data problems
  • Verify: Data performance and contract enforcement

If you are sharing consumer email data with third parties to monetize your list, you should be concerned about the types and volume of email these third parties send. When your partners respect your list and use it properly, you are able to create new revenue streams and assist your subscribers in finding new products and services. But when your list is misused, it can become saturated with the wrong types of offers, diminishing your overall list quality and detracting from future revenue.

ListMonitor is simple for anyone to use. Using the Web-based interface, new seeds can automatically be generated and associated with the list or partner you wish to monitor. Once these seeds are inserted into your send file, you can log into ListMonitor and see the volume and types of offers being sent to these seeds, allowing you the insight you need to make sure your partners are properly using the data.

Monitor Offer Content: See the exact emails sent to any list you own.

Monitor Volume & Frequency: Receive alerts for any seed that receives more than a specified number of messages in a given day. See the amount of emails consumers are receiving over certain time periods as a result of a specific partner or all partners. Determine the quality and saturation of the list.

Enforce Contracts: Ensure no unauthorized distribution or use of your list and enforce list exclusivity agreements. Monitor for legal and best practice compliance across networks and shared data.

Generate Detailed Reports: Monitor sending such as Average Emails per Day to Seed, Your traffic versus Other traffic, 30 day, 7 day and yesterday views of data.

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