Unique and actionable insights for digital marketers.


Combining data, technology and expertise to provide a new level of visibility into the behavior of current and potential marketing partners.


A unique solution that addresses a critical need for advertisers, agencies, and networks.


About Us

As the global authority on email compliance and intelligence, LashBack® brings greater transparency and accountability to the email market. We bridge the gap between your email policy and your email reality.

LashBack is a patent-holder with a long history of innovation, collecting and leveraging data, and advocating for best practices. We focus on creative ways to bring insights to our clients with services spanning every aspect of email marketing. Whether you represent a large or small brand, or you’re focused on risk or growth -- we have the solutions and services to help you accomplish your objectives.
100+ Million Messages in Database
9+ Billion Links Crawled
10+ Years in Business

Overview of Lashback Services

Watch this video for an introductory tour of Lashback and learn about the services we've developed to help you gain valuable insight into the marketing practices of your partners and their affiliates.



ComplianceMonitor provides unique visibility into the actions of email partners and enables businesses to better manage risk, ensure good business practices, and hold partners accountable.



BrandAlert® is a discovery platform for competitive intelligence and brand protection. It provides the ability to search more than 100 million recent messages for actionable insights ranging from the misuse of your brand to the inboxing of your competitors.



Managing seed messages is critical, but time-consuming. ListMonitor provides a single, easy-to-use interface to manage seeds with the ability to sort, search, filter, categorize, create alerts, and export data.



LashBack® is trusted by companies of any size, in every industry.

We take our legal obligations and corporate policies very seriously, and ComplianceMonitor helps to ensure that our standards are being monitored and enforced by our advertising partners. ComplianceMonitor is an absolutely critical part of our email programs and we would recommend it to anyone that is focused on compliance and best practices.
PREMIER Bankcard
We really appreciate how proactive the LashBack® team is in terms of identifying issues, bringing them to our attention and helping us fix the problem. Their level of customer services goes beyond what is asked or required. They look out for us and help to protect our interests and those of our clients.
MediaWhizPeter Klein, Senior Vice President
We’ve used LashBack®’s products for years. They are a key contributor to our Brand Protection and Compliance program. Whenever something unusual arises, their support team always goes “above and beyond” to help us investigate and resolve the issue quickly. Their knowledge of the industry is impressive.
Publishers Clearing HouseSal Tripi, AVP Digital Operations and Compliance
LashBack® products provide comprehensive monitoring and ultimate control over our commercial email campaigns. By proactively identifying violations, we have been able to both minimize our risks and save money we would otherwise have spent for non-compliant traffic.
Digital Target Marketing
Great company with a great team that is a great asset to Keono and monitoring the reputation of our agency brands. LashBack® provides a wealth of valuable information to help us to monitor our brands in the marketplace and their team always goes above and beyond to help with special research or requests. It's definitely a pleasure to do business with LashBack®!
KeonoJesse Lo Re, Chief Operating Officer
We have a strong team and run a great business. I wish that we had started using LashBack® sooner. By waiting, we ran into significant email compliance issues that we didn’t have the right tools to manage. If you are using or planning to do email marketing, get LashBack® on board early. Their tools are essential.
Envyus MediaBrian McLevis, CEO


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