About Us

Founded in 2003, LashBack® has become a recognized authority on marketing intelligence, brand protection and compliance services.

We leverage proprietary data, expertise and technology to help major brands, agencies and advertising networks protect their interests, evaluate partners and grow their business.

LashBack® bridges the gap between your email policy and your email reality. We have grown to become the global authority on email compliance and intelligence. If you want email to work for you, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re the only company in the world who can help you accomplish it.

The power of LashBack®'s data and expertise is unmatched.

LashBack® has focused on intelligence and best practices in B2C email for more than a decade. We have crawled more than 9 billion email links; have over a 100 million recent, searchable messages; maintain the only blacklist focused on unsubscribe compliance (with approximately a million listed IPs); and are adding millions of new messages a week to our database. We have leveraged this data for hundreds of clients to provide unique visibility into compliance, channel trends, industry changes, relationships, reputations, competitors, quality, frequency, branding, abuse, authentication and delivery.

We are proud of our database, but data means relatively little unless combined with technology and expertise. Each component is critical and challenging to build. We love this industry. We have put in the time and we have the understanding to leverage this information in a way that drives revenue and reduces risk for our clients.

Focus that stands the test of time.

  • Build a unique data set.
  • Understand how to apply it.
  • Solve important challenges for clients.
  • Help to make the market stronger.

GoodMail is LashBack’s proprietary platform for the acquisition, processing, evaluation and storage of email and email-related data.

  Acquires email data through multiple sources including consumer panel data, seed messages and spam reports.

  Crawls millions of messages and overlays this information with billions of catalogued links and reputation data collected over more than a decade, domain and IP registrations, and blacklist data including a proprietary blacklist focused on unsubscribe compliance.

  Leverages algorithms and custom client inputs to parse, classify, filter, associate, apply rules, evaluate messages and assess senders.

  Efficiently derives clarity and actionable insights from complex, disparate data.

  Analyze reputation, opportunities and risks based on corporate priorities and with greater breadth and depth than anyone else can offer.