Email With the Lights On

A unique, time-tested solution that addresses a critical need for advertisers, agencies and networks.

See the actual emails your partners are sending on your behalf
Minimize risk by eliminating traffic from non-compliant email partners
Receive training, support and actionable insights from a dedicated Client Services Manager
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Many advertisers acquire new users through offers emailed by third-parties. These advertisers often work with networks to find publishers and pay on a performance basis. Pay-for-performance minimizes some risk, but creates an incentive for third-party senders - often not directly known by the advertiser - to be aggressive.
ComplianceMonitor offers a unique solution to monitor what is being sent. This enables “up-stream” parties to see and manage the issues that arise, and to help minimize the risks that non-compliant mail can present. We can monitor and report on both legal and corporate policy issues.
It is visibility that you need – in terms of legal risk and building a safe and sustainable email acquisition channel.


Develop a campaign, find the right partners, monitor the results, adjust and optimize. These are core components of campaign strategy, but if you aren’t monitoring what is being sent – in a way that is more meaningful than assurances or seeds – then you are missing a critical piece. Risk is part of the equation and can be effectively managed.


Enforce policy requirements through a customizable list of nearly 50 rules. Rule categories include: deceptive or approved subject and from lines, privately registered domains, existence and number of postal addresses, working unsubscribe links and missing or deceptive content.


Email is the only advertising channel regulated by federal law. Under the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act, fines can total up to $16,000 per non-compliant email. Even broader penalties and rights-to-sue are available under other regulations such as California’s Business and Professions Code and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation. The California Code, which is often the basis for email-related suits, includes a significant reduction in liability when email compliance is proactively managed.


We apply your rules to messages sent on your behalf and provide the results through an easy-to-use interface supported by an exceptional Client Services team. There is no complicated integration required. Our solution is as simple to implement as it is critical to your business. As the old expression goes: Trust, but verify.