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Poisoned Apples: Email Subject Lines That Snooker Recipients
Want to get a prospect to open your email? Mention LinkedIn in the subject line. That’s one of the findings of a report by security firm KnowBe4, unveiled in time for World Social Media Week. But we don’t recommend that you try it. read more
Why Email Marketing Beats Social Media Every Time
In this article, Matt Harris, Co-founder and CEO of Dyspatch, talks about how email marketing edges out social media marketing. He also shares the reasons why marketers need to focus more on email marketing. read more
9 email marketing services that make the work of small businesses painless
Here is a quick look at the best email marketing services for small businesses. read more
Email Martech Tops In Effectiveness, Study Shows
Email systems are the most effective types of martech being used by brands, according to Marketing Technology Utilization, a study published on Monday by Ascend2. read more
Data Proud: 40% Say Their First-Party Info Is Pulling ROI
Email will be a growing source of first-party data for many brands this year. But the real hot spots are mobile app analytics and social media, according to The Data-Confident Marketer, a study released last week by MightyHive and Advertiser Perceptions. read more
Small Business Guide to Sending Marketing Emails
Unless you're one of those apathetic people who allows unread emails to collect up to the thousands in your inbox, you probably spent a good chunk of your morning deleting automated emails without reading them. But surely there was at least one that caught your eye, made you pause and skim through it, or maybe even made you click the link. read more
The Hot New Channel for Reaching Real People: Email
Frustrated by social media, businesses and others looking for an audience turn to an old standby read more
Why You're Losing Email Subscribers (and How to Fix That)
It's totally normal to lose some subscribers. But, caution: You may be annoying or angering your subscribers without realizing it. read more
Email’s humble beginnings and the birth of tracking pixels
Part 1 of this email marketing series looks at how far we've come with email from the days of ARPANET to the creation of a webmail client. read more
Email trustworthiness: Here’s how to avoid looking like spam
Part 2 of this email marketing series looks at the current state of email and the steps being taken to differentiate legitimate email marketing from spam. read more