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DatabaseUSA Wins Case Against The Spamhaus Project
The Importance of Blacklist Monitoring: "DatabaseUSA, a provider of data and email marketing services, has won a victory over The Spamhaus Project. A federal court found that Spamhaus defamed the company and interfered with its business relations by “wrongfully listing on Spamhaus’s domain block list from 2017 to the present.” " read more
Affiliate Autoresponder Compliance 2020
Compliance concerns for email Affiliate Marketing I got kicked off mailchimp a few months ago – it was a big hit to my ego, let alone my business! It led me to create this article giving some rules of thumb about what you can and can’t do on an email autoresponder when it comes to affiliate marketing. Now keep in mind I am not a Lawyer or Compliance expert, I’m just speaking from my own experience and research. Here’s some key points on the subject. read more
Key Insights: Email marketing the titanium of martech, global dips can’t curb strategy, and more
Revenues signal a drop while marketing technology budgets continue to shine, why email marketing is the sweetheart for marketing success, and what wins CTRs. read more
In Crisis Mode: Real Estate Pros Seek Tech And Are Using Email During COVID-19 Outbreak
The real estate industry has been hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis, with demand reportedly falling and landlords facing new regulations. read more
Words Matter: B2B Buyers Need Clear Product and Pricing Info, Study Says
Salespeople drive B2B sales, but only to the extent that they offer clear information and have strong digital support, judging by Turning B2B Salespeople Into Strategic Advisors, a study by digital marketing firm Avionos. read more
Email Marketing Best Practices for 2019: Putting a Stamp on Personalization
Poor old email can get forgotten about—sometimes, it seems like the tried-and-true medium gets lost in a sea of shiny tech, or swallowed up in the waves of social media. But email is far from dead. In fact, a creative approach to email marketing is still one of the most valuable strategies a brand can utilize. read more
Thursday is the day to mail if you want the best email open rates, according to a new report from Campaign Monitor. read more
ShippingEasy Launches Free Education Series on How to Become an Expert Email Marketer in Just One Week
AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ShippingEasy, the leading provider of cloud-based shipping, inventory management, and customer marketing solutions for e-commerce sellers, has launched a FREE seven-part educational series e-commerce sellers of all sizes can use to become an expert email marketer in just one week. read more
Poisoned Apples: Email Subject Lines That Snooker Recipients
Want to get a prospect to open your email? Mention LinkedIn in the subject line. That’s one of the findings of a report by security firm KnowBe4, unveiled in time for World Social Media Week. But we don’t recommend that you try it. read more
Why Email Marketing Beats Social Media Every Time
In this article, Matt Harris, Co-founder and CEO of Dyspatch, talks about how email marketing edges out social media marketing. He also shares the reasons why marketers need to focus more on email marketing. read more